Ameise | Pattaya (Thailand)

Another one of the surfaces that I painted on my trip through Southeast Asia can be found in the area of Pattaya in Thailand. Some of my friends from Bangkok were working for the minister of education, and it turned out that his wife was running a private boarding school. After doing a few graffiti workshops with the kids there, they asked me if I could paint this rock. Usually I wouldn’t do it, as I don’t paint on nature. But this rock was part of a camp for kids where they were taught important lessons for life, considering nature, the teachers wanted to include it in the educational process. As it is considered to be the secret ruler of the forest, I decided to paint a photorealistic version of the red ant. These tiny creatures are the base of every ecosystem and can lift up ten times their own body weight. The gardeners removed the bushes in front of it so I could access it better, but already the next day plants started sprouting through the soil again, due to the crazy microclimate Pattaya has. Fun fact: I had to use a motocross bike for a few days, to get there, through the jungle. I didn’t mind at all!