Berlin Braves

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This is a project that I realized in collaboration with the sports team Berlin Braves, and the housing company Gewobag from Berlin, in early 2019. Their headquarter is located in a dreary corner of Kreuzberg, next to the melting pot Kottbusser Tor. The area is defined by grey social housing blocks with a low quality of streetlife. I used to live on the other side oft he street for a few years. But as the progress of gentrification kept pushing forward, the well located area started to attract all kinds of young creatives to the neighbourhood. To cheer the area up we decided to paint the facade, floor, stairs and cantilever roof  in colorful stripes, that represented the concept of Berlin Braves actual corporate design and clothing line for 2019. It was a lot of stripes, but it was worth it! The inhabitants, and especially the kids love it!