Fetzenfische | London (England)

My friends who live in the warehouses of the artist village of Hackney Wick, in East London, invited me to paint the facade of ‘Stour Space’ – a gallery and workshop space that includes a restaurant and cafe – as a part of ‘Hackney Wicked’ festival.
Stour Space works as an artistic hub for the whole area so it was quite an honor to be able to paint the facade, as the first artist ever. I decided not to paint the whole facade but to use the given conditions of the building, and enhance the feeling of the set back walls, by making the background black, so it seems that these leafy sea dragons hover out of the depths.

The place is located along the canals, and a thick green carpet of plants and leaves often covers the surface of the water. So that became one part of my inspiration. Another idea was that in the species of the seahorses, the male is the one that carries the eggs. As Stour Space was hosting many LGBTQ events – it became a quite fitting motive.

Unfortunately, as gentrification moves on, Stour Space doesn’t exist anymore and the whole complex will be torn down in two years. The sea dragons still remain though.