Kalamar | Tiflis (Georgien)

This squid was part of ‘Niko Movement’ 2019 in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Another very challenging wall for me because it was full with windows. But as I really liked the project that inhabits the building – a social space where everyone who struggles with major life issues (work, social and mental health related) can find help by guidance, workshops and in terms of education. The aim is to receive help and than in reverse, to later on to help others as well.

As the squid is most flexible living species on this planet I thought it could be a good motive to squeeze in between the window holes.

To add a bit dreamier atmosphere I made two calamari rings pop out of its head. To my surprise, apparently most people were not aware where calamari rings, that they’ve been eating many times in their lives, came from, or how they were made.

It’s quite funny how this rather psychedelic image turned out to have an educational element, just as the building that it’s painted on.