Kogut | Witaszyce (Poland)

‘Kogut’ means ‘rooster’ in polish. This colourful fella got painted on a part of my grandparents’ property. They used to have their own chicken, and occasionally a rooster when I was a small kid living there. One of my earliest memories is, that one day the rooster jumped out of the cage, attacked me and started literally picking on me. Me, full of tears, started running to my grandma for protection. My grandma got furious, and as a punishment turned the mean rooster into a chicken soup. True story. So in its memory, I decided to paint a mural on their wall. I wrapped his colourful tail around the corner, because that’s where my aunt and uncle have their little corner to hang out with friends and do barbecues (under the little roof). So seen from the other side the tail still appears as a kind of palm tree on itself. My grandparents, and the rest of the family, love it!