Panther Pilz | Leipzig (Kleinzschocher)

This mushroom is my contribution to last years ‘Leipzig Mural Fest’. I wanted to paint an image that fits, both conceptually and aesthetically, into the context of the wall. As this building marks the end of Plagwitz/Kleinzschocher towards the ‘Bürgerbahnhof’ and Park area of the former industrial train station in Plagwitz, I decided to go for a vegetable motive that can be frequently found in the area of Saxony. I was drawn to the image of the panther cap mushroom at first glance, in terms of shape, colour, details and so on. The panther cap is a highly toxic mushroom, even more than the famous toadstool. That’s why it also carries the nickname ‘Sachsentod’ – the death of Saxons. Its colors blend in very well with the environment, and I’m very happy for choosing a subtle image that doesn’t pop out too much out if it’s context.