Qualle | Bangkok (Thailand)

After doing a trip through various countries in Southeast Asia in the beginning of 2020, I got stranded in Thailand, due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic for about half a year.

After the easing of measurements, of the first lockdown, around the month of may, the government of Thailand started allowing public gatherings again, but it was still forbidden to play any music, in order to keep parties on a low level.
So the people who run ‘Never Normal’ – which is a multi-use space containing a hip coffee house, coworking, office and event spaces – decided to have a silent party, where everyone on the dancefloor was wearing wireless headphones, in order to be able to listen to the music.
They asked me if I could paint a silent animal that fits the theme. As I didn’t like the butterfly that they proposed, I came up with the idea of a jellyfish. They instantly loved it, and my painting process became part of the event as a life painting.

It’s always a challenge to paint in foreign countries, where neither the crane driver nor the people in the hardware store speak your language, but often these places also provide exceptional opportunities.